Heart to Heart Anatolia Earthquake Fund

Heart to Heart Anatolia Earthquake Fund

Dear Friends,

On February 6 and 7, 2023 two powerful earthquakes of 7.8 and 7.4 magnitude hit south-eastern Turkey and Northwest Syria. Tragically, more than 50,000 people were killed, so far, and the death toll is increasing daily. There are continuous strong aftershocks. The damage these earthquakes caused, and the suffering of the people are so devastating it is beyond comprehension.

Many civil service community organizations are trying to help the earthquake victims in Turkey in what-ever way they can. As part of ongoing humanitarian efforts, our charity organization, Heart to Heart Anatolia (H2HA), has also started a donation campaign. The collected fund will be delivered to victims in Turkey via reliable charity organizations which we know and trust.

You may either make contributions directly to H2HA or you may directly make contributions to organizations we recommend listed below

For contributions via Heart to Heart Anatolia H2HA:

Write a check payable to Heart to Heart Anatolia and mail it to:

Heart to Heart Anatolia

P.O Box 1518

Shepherdstown, WV 25443

You may also contribute via PayPal on our website

www.h2ha.org by selecting donate button.

Please indicate that your contribution is for “earthquake victims in Turkey’

We assure you that 100% of your contributions will be delivered to the victims via Turkish charity organizations which we know and trust. Note that H2HA is a 501-C-3 charity organization, hence your contribution is tax deductible.

For questions and comments, you may call or write to Dr. Ismail Celik, President of H2HA:

+1 304 906 8322


We have not lost our hopes, on the contrary we are all united to help each other, do whatever we can to help the earthquake victims, and rebuild not only our homes but our souls. The ‘saz’ which survived the earthquake (see picture below) is the symbol of our hope!

The ‘saz’ (traditional Turkish musical instrument) which survived the earthquake, February 2023


Alternatively, for direct contributions via Charity Organizations in Turkey we recommend the following:

Our Mission

The AHBAP Association was established to provide all kinds of help, in the form of in-kind and cash assistance, to those in need, to strengthen the awareness of solidarity across all segments of society, help create a good society made up of good people, build modern and sustainable networks of mutual assistance and solidarity to aid new cooperation models and projects, and protect local culture while contributing to its development, with today's technological opportunities, moving it into the future.




Since its establishment in 1989, ÇYDD has been operating throughout Turkey with the aim of reaching modern people and modern society through modern education.

As a non-governmental organization, we carry out our activities with the donations and efforts of our valuable friends of contemporary life.

If you would like to join the ÇYDD family, please make your donation via this page.

Association for the Support of Contemporary Life (Turkish: Çağdaş Yaşamı Destekleme Derneği) is a non-profit NGO in Turkey.[1] The main office is in İstanbul and there are 103 branch offices nationwide.[2] The association helps girls across Turkey to obtain an education, ultimately promoting gender equality.[3]


Association for the Support of Contemporary Life (abbreviated ÇYDD) was founded on 10 February 1989 by a group of Turkish female academicians headed by Aysel Ekşi in İstanbul.[4] Next year Türkan Saylan was elected as the chairperson of the ÇYDD; from then on she became the symbol of ÇYDD. In the same year branch offices of ÇYDD began to be opened in other cities. In 1995, a subsidiary foundation of ÇYDD was founded. On 18 May 2009, Türkan Saylan died and in the next week, Aysel Çelikel a former government minister became the next chairperson.[4] (Aysel Çelikel was the Minister of Justice of Turkey at 57th Cabinet.)


ÇYDD supports the modernization reforms of Kemal Atatürk. The official statement of ÇYDD is:[5]

The Association for Supporting Contemporary Life is a non-governmental organization, working voluntarily with its competencies and experience, aiming to protect Atatürk’s principles and revolutions, to reach contemporary society via contemporary education for contemporary people and to carry Turkey above the contemporary civilization level.

ÇYDD is especially active in fighting against the gender discrimination and illiteracy of women. Its motto is "Future assurance of Modern Turkey".


  • Alevi Cultural Organizations in USA
  • Turk Egitim Vakfi
  • Darussafaka Vakfi


Zeki Yesilyurt is organizing this fundraiser to benefit Pir Sultan Abdal Cultural USA.

PIR SULTAN ABDAL CULTURAL ASSOCIATES USA is a non-profit organization founded in 2010 . Our Association is a voluntary organization caters for the Alevi people living in USA especially those in New York & New Jersey. Our mission is to promote the values of the Alevi culture both within and outside of our community by networking with groups and organizations that they are aiming to enhance the horizons of their members. For more information visit



Turk Egitim Vakfi:



55 yıl önce 205 iş insanı, öğretim üyesi ve entelektüel, eğitimin yaygınlaşması amacıyla merhum Vehbi Koç'un önderliğinde bir araya geldi. 1967 Türkiye’sinin şartlarında birçok kişi için hayal bile edilemeyecek bir seferberlikle okumak isteyen gençlere destek olmak için Türk Eğitim Vakfı’nı kurdular. Onlar vasıflı insan gücünün bu ülkeyi kalkındıracağını, bu gücün de ancak eğitimle sağlanabileceğini biliyordu. Bu yürekli ordu, Türk Eğitim Vakfı’nı dayanışma ruhu ile hayata geçirdi.





1863'ten beri "Eğitimde Fırsat Eşitliği"

Türkiye’nin eğitim alanındaki ilk sivil toplum kuruluşlarından biri olan Darüşşafaka Cemiyeti, 1863 yılından bu yana “Eğitimde Fırsat Eşitliği” misyonuyla varlığını sürdürüyor.

Şefkat yuvası” anlamına gelen Darüşşafaka, günümüzde babası veya annesi hayatta olmayan, maddi olanakları yetersiz, yetenekli çocuklarımızı on yaşındayken ailelerinden emanet alıyor; onlara uluslararası standartlarda eğitim fırsatı sunuyor ve düşünen, sorgulayan, özgüvenli, topluma karşı sorumluluklarının bilincinde lider bireyler olarak yetiştiriyor.

==================== More on Earthquake in Turkey and Syria ============================

An aerial view of collapsed buildings in the Turkish city of Hatay; February 6, 20223

The historic Yeni Camii mosque, in Malatya, more than 100 miles (160km) from the epicentre, was extensively damaged. Its domes collapsed, leaving it exposed to the winter sky. The mosque was destroyed by a huge earthquake in 1894 and, after reconstruction, damaged by another quake in 1964.

(see more photos in document 'More on Earthquake'