Bridging Appalachia to Anatolia

Bridging Appalachia to Anatolia

Event Date: 2019-11-16
Event Location: Charles Washington Hall, 100 W. Washington Str. Suite 200, Charles Town WV 25414
Event Cost: Suggested donations $10

Experience Anatolian and Appalachian Cultures at Charles-Washington Hall, on November 16, 2019

Charles Town will be hosting a cultural event presented by Heart to Heart Anatolia (H2HA), that brings together peoples and cultures of Appalachia (West Virginia) and Anatolia (Asia Minor, Turkey). The event, ā€œAppalachAnatolia Jamboreeā€ will take place Saturday, November 16, 6 PM to 8 PM and will function as a fundraiser for H2HA. There will be poetry and story reading from both regions. Traditional folk music will be played by multiple performers to highlight the parallels between the cultures and traditions of these two geographical regions.

Heart-to-Heart-Anatolia is a 501 c-3 charity organization founded in 2011, with the primary objective to provide scholarships for underprivileged individuals of Anatolian origin to pursue post-graduate education in USA and Canada. H2HA also aims to bring peoples together who are interested in Anatolian culture, and promote cross-cultural understanding. The President and CEO of H2HA, who is responsible for the assembly of this event, is Dr. Ismail B. Celik; Professor-Emeritus WVU and Adjunct Professor at Shepherd University.

Suggested donation $10 - 20 at the event or online at Contact: Ismail Celik, 304 906 8322